Mass Trans Insurance Agency specializes in commercial insurance, particularly in truckers and commercial vehicles coverage. We understand the needs of our customers like no other company, which is why our staff is multilingual, knowledgeable and always ready to help, and our response time is significantly quicker than most agencies. As part of accommodating our client’s needs we help prepare any RMV forms they might need, we even go to the RMV for you if needed. We will work with dealers, banks and other financial institutions, to make the process of buying and registering a vehicle smoother. To all truckers, if you’ve ever lost a load because your insurance agent couldn’t send out your certificate quick enough, it’s time to upgrade your agent. With us, you or even the trucking broker can generate a certificate of insurance directly from our website and have it within minutes, hassle free. Check out our sample certificate page. Better yet, switch to our insurance agency ASAP and don’t lose any more loads! We are licensed to write policies in the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, & Kentucky. If you would like to get a free quote, either fill out the quote form and e-mail it to us or contact us directly. Thank you for placing your trust in our company.